Little Thinker

The THINKER BOX – the only 5 box modular learning program to help your children reach their core developmental milestones. With a box for each day of the week containing flashcards, equipment and a milestone tracking chart, we make learning simple, fun and interactive. 

Pro Bono Patients

TherapyWorx treats several other children with cerebral palsy on a pro-bono basis (Debbie almost 2 years old, Khgokatso 3 years old, Helmarie 3 years old, Mandeluve 8 years old, Joshua Mullen 6 years old).


TLC was established by the Jarvis family to meet the serious need for quality childcare for abandoned children in South Africa. Purpose-driven humour and faith has brought the home to where it is today.

Lambano Children’s Home

A permanent home to 28 orphaned or abandoned children who are HIV+. These children have been with us almost from birth and are now entering their teenage years. They are housed in 4 homes with 6 – 8 children in each home and are cared for by a loving and caring housemother.

Rare Diseases

Rare Diseases South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organization assisting all patients affected by rare diseases to access life-saving treatment and supportive care for improved quality of life.

Retts Foundation

 Through it’s goals, the organisation attempts to improve the lives of RETT girls and the lives of their families. In order to achieve this, funding is required to drive the organisation toward its stated vision.


The Muscular Dystrophy Research Foundation of South Africa (MDRF) was founded in 1974 by Mr and Mrs Newton Walker. They felt there was a need to reach out to other parents and families in a similar situation.

OWL Day Care

Occupational Wellness and Learning is a privately owned day care for special needs children. OWL is managed and run by Monika and Barbara Wassermeier, pursuing their passion and dream, helping special needs children and their parents.